What distinguishes industrial cooking from traditional rice cooking

What distinguishes industrial cooking from traditional rice cooking

How do you think it can be achieved by eliminating the high costs of cooking?

You’re probably saying to yourself that I’m using cheaper raw materials or modifying the kitchen workforce or maybe reducing the kitchen work environment … Well, none of these solutions seem to make sense. When you use inferior raw materials, you naturally lose your customers, and the workforce can’t be diminished as you increase the work pressure of the remaining people. Reducing the amount of space needed due to the size of traditional kitchen equipment and supplies is not possible at all and will reduce your production capacity. So what’s the best solution?

Imagine you need about one thousand servings of baking rice. In your traditional way, there are 14 four-row oven cookers, 14 aluminum rice cookers, 14 rice cookers, 5 trolley boilers, 80 square meters of hood and 12 square meters of boiler space as well as many accessories such as 14 You will need a drain number, along with a rice paddle, and the minimum space required for this equipment is approximately 40 square meters.

This way you have to remove the rice from the kettle at the time of harvest and return it to the kettle, which wastes a lot of time and energy. More importantly, to bake this amount of rice, you need 304 cubic meters of gas with a minimum pressure of 2 pounds and a minimum output of 28 gas valves. On the other hand, the heat generated by burning gas to cook this amount of rice in the kitchen is unbearable, so you will need several high power consumption cooling and air conditioning systems that can create the right temperature for the kitchen. .

Other than that you will need at least 5 experienced chefs in the kitchen, and you will eventually lose your kitchen hygiene and safety due to traditional cooking conditions and the use of non-standard gas appliances.

Now consider this section;

In the modern baking method, you will need up to 6 680lb boilers and 6.12 square meters of hood that occupy a total of 11 square meters of space. It should be noted that it eliminates much of the traditional baking equipment needed. It’s interesting, isn’t it ?!

This equipment reduces your gas consumption from 304 cubic meters to 5.10 cubic meters. That means 29 times less, a 96% saving on gas, which is also a significant cost, and your power consumption is reduced from 5.72 kW to 5.13 kW, which would be 81% of the electricity savings This reduction is due to the modern design of the boilers and the high efficiency of the flames.

And then;

Reduces the number of personnel you need from 5 experienced chefs to 1 chef and 1 assistant, 70% less manpower cost … which reduces your cooking time from about 2:45 (two hours and forty-five minutes) to 1:15 (one hour and 15 minutes). In this baking method, without wasting rice at the time of boiling, it reduces the time and energy wasted to zero.

Observing the hygienic requirements of making equipment, healthy food, and the environment with the lowest pollutant emissions from combustion products will provide your kitchen with no need to use oil in this way and your waste and rice waste will be zero. .

You will now find that modern industrial equipment will bring you more profit by enhancing quality, enhancing safety, reducing pollutants, keeping foods healthy and keeping sales prices steady.