Boiling water generator

Fuel consumptionMunicipal gas / liquefied gas
Consumption (cubic meter)2
Dimensions of device (height  width  length)186 * 80 * 100

Technical Specifications :

  • Machine body of stainless steel 304 1 mm thick
  • The main tank of the machine is 2 mm thick stainless steel sheet 304.
  • Equipped with a float to disconnect the water inlet.
  • Equipped with a thermocouple and gas carburetor to control temperature and increase device safety.
  • Cabinet with rail door for containers.
  • Small dishwasher and hot / cold water mixing valve for washing dishes in the vicinity of the machine
  • . Use of siphon and its connection to kitchen wastewater to discharge water from washing dishes
  • Initial time to reach boiling point 20 minutes

Advantages :

  • Save 35% on gas consumption
  • High speed in beer production
  • Can be installed in different floors of offices and organs to provide the staff with a cup of tea
  • Fully hygienic, modern and durable
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