After Sales Service

Customer satisfaction is the first value accepted at all organizational levels by Padideh West Machine Company. The full commitment of this valuable collection has made the company uniquely positioned to provide its customers with the highest quality industrial kitchen products and equipment available on the market and to provide comprehensive customer service after purchase. Consider your most duties. Employing the most skilled and trained technical experts demonstrates the importance of quality and fast after-sales service to Tiyan Gas Company managers.

Padideh West Machine Company’s emphasis on being the sole agent of top global brands and avoiding collaborating with miscellaneous and unsupported suppliers has enabled the company to deliver the highest level of after-sales service to customers, in addition to producing quality equipment and devices. Provide themselves with the supplies and consumables they need in the shortest possible time. It is undoubtedly impossible to provide such a level of customer service except with the good credit of the company and its powerful after-sales service unit in terms of the technicality, scope and variety of parts available.

A glance at the company’s 3,500 customer list illustrates the credibility and position of this leading brand among the manufacturers of industrial kitchen appliances in the country, proving Tiyan Gas’s superior ability to provide complete customer satisfaction. It is worth mentioning that, after more than a quarter of a century of honest service to customers, the company has achieved customer satisfaction from the Consumer Rights Organization.

Warranty Terms

All products of this company have a warranty period of one year from installation and the company is committed to repairing any defects as soon as possible or free of charge, as long as there are no warranty violations. It is also a company that has been offering good after-sales service for over 10 years.

Warranty violations

  • The Company is under no obligation to repair or replace goods that have expired or have their warranty terminated unless the Customer has paid for such costs.
  • The company has no obligation to guarantee similar products, and the warranty conditions only apply to company products purchased from this company.
  • It is mandatory to provide a warranty form to use the warranty service.
  • Any changes or repairs to the product by non-individuals will void the warranty

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