Container Kitchen

The company is the first and largest manufacturer of mobile kitchen containers in Iran. This product can be designed and operated in a container or container from 100 to 700 food presses per serving as capacity.

  • Different parts of this kitchen:

Storage includes warehouses and cold stores

Preparations include rice, vegetables and meat and poultry

The cooking space includes baking, roasting, stewing and frying

  • Facilities:

Zero above and below zero with complete shelving

Raw material storage racks

Cauliflower soaking rice

Work desk and butcher

Wash sink and wall cabinet

Meat Grinder, Peel and Slice Machine

Bar or radiant barbecue

Hot and humid incubator

Double Walled Chloe Pot

Double glazed pot

Double wall thermostatic fryer dick

Beer generator

Water storage tanker with pump

Wall hood with ventilation system

water heater

Location of gas capsules

Power Generator

Waterway and drainage system

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