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Padideh Machinery Industrial Group, with over 20 years of experience in designing, implementing and manufacturing all industrial kitchen equipment, will serve your loved ones anywhere on earth.

Looking to set up a professional industrial kitchen?

Consulting and design

Tiyan Gas always employs expert staff to provide advice and support to our dear customers to assist them in the design of an industrial kitchen. We hope we can be a good supporter for you on this path.

About us

Padideh West Machine Company started production of this equipment with TiyanGasel brand in line with scientific and industrial researches in order to optimize industrial kitchen equipments and gas-fired appliances. Using the latest technology in the cooking industry and the specialized and experienced forces in various fields, we have achieved the following goals through mass production of our unique products.

After sales service

Customer satisfaction is the first value accepted at all organizational levels by Padideh West Machine Company. The full commitment of this set of values ​​has made the company uniquely positioned to provide its customers with the highest quality industrial kitchen products and equipment available on the market and to provide comprehensive customer service after purchase. Consider your most duties.


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Our Historyx



Tiyan Workshop

Tiyan Gas Workshop was started in the year 1955 as the first manufacturer of industrial kitchen equipment in the form of a small workshop that succeeded in designing and producing a mobile kitchen. It also managed to produce and patent various types of baking products.



Established Tiyan Gas Steel Company

Tiyan Gas Steel Company with the investment of safflower industrial group, utilizing specialized forces based on patent certificates for the production of industrial boilers for cooking rice, stew, fryer, boiling water generator, automatic barbecue with the aim of transforming Founded in the country's baking industry.



Establishment of Phenomenon Industrial Group

The company continued its activities with the establishment of Padideh West Machinery Industrial Group in 2016 with the approach of producing modern industrial kitchen equipment with Tiyan brand and designing new products with international standards in order to have a strong presence in the Iranian market and export to other countries.
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Standard Certification

Tiyan Gas is the only holder of the standard certification of 1806 and 17464 of the standard organization in the field of industrial kitchen equipment production.

After Sales Service

Providing after-sales service in the shortest possible time and continuous training of service personnel as well as the use of quality and high quality parts has satisfied customers.

Free consultation and consultation

Visiting and consulting services to our dear customers at Tiyan Gas Complex are completely free and in the shortest possible time.

Quality Guarantee

The use of up-to-date equipment, expert personnel and the use of world-class standards in the production of products have resulted in the production of quality products.

Professional and Pofessional Personnel

The use of expert and efficient personnel is the key to Tiyan Gas’s employment laws and regulations, which has helped to improve the quality of our products.

Quality Iranian Manufacturer

Padideh Machine Manufacturing Company (Tiyan Gas Steel) has been producing a completely indigenous product to support Iranian labor and production and to preserve national capital as well as to prevent foreign currency outflows.

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