Certificates Obtained:

  • Obligatory Standard Certificate 1806 from the Standard Organization of Iran
  • Standard Incentive Certificate 17646 from the Standard Organization of Iran
  • The first patent holder for modern baking machines
  • Ministry of Health license holder for all modern baking machines
  • Holder of factory standard license from Iran Standard Organization for all baking machines
  • Holder of Presidential Entrepreneurial Catering Industry
  • Holder of the Certificate of Customer Satisfaction from the National Consumer Protection Association
  • Holder of license for production and operation of the Ministry of Industry to produce modern baking machines

our goals

Padideh West Machine Company started production of this equipment with TiyanGasel brand in line with scientific and industrial researches in order to optimize industrial kitchen equipments and gas-fired appliances. Padideh West Machine Company has achieved the following goals by using world-class technology in the cooking industry and specialized and experienced forces in various fields by mass production of its unique products.

  • Fuel consumption optimization
  • Improve the quality of cook
  • Prevent food waste
  • Health promotion
  • Reducing environmental pollution
  • Mechanize the cooking system
  • Reduced staffing

Click on the photo below to see the Tiyan Gas Steel Teaser and wait a moment for it to load


The company has managed to equip more than 3,500 centers including academic centers, public and private hospitals, military centers (Army – Corps – Basij – law enforcement), public and private corporations, hotels, large restaurants and halls. .

The most important product features:

  • Energy saving (36% gas consumption and 60% electricity consumption)
  • Optimal use of kitchen space
  • Save on staff and reduce dependency on the skilled chef
  • 10% Rice Savings (bottom boiler removal)
  • 60% oil savings
  • Remove smoke and heat and bake evenly
  • Easy washing of devices due to embedded drain valve


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