Warm wet gas house

Capacity10 containers of bin Marie 1/1
Fuel consumptionMunicipal gas / liquefied gas
Consumption (cubic meter)1
Dimensions of device (height  width  length)200 * 90 * 70

Technical Specifications :

  • 5 floors in dimensions of 200 * 90 * 70 cm
  • Two thermocouple valves (for steam system and heat control device)
  • All made of stainless steel sheet 304
  • It has 10 stainless steel containers 1 / 20cm deep with lid
  • § 1mm thick stainless steel body
  • – Frame of 40 * 40 profiles
  • Double-walled body with thermal insulation
  • Floating and water tank for steam generation
  • It has a steam and temperature indicator

Ability to connect to gas and municipal water

Advantages :

Ability to maintain food for a long time without compromising quality

Can be used behind self-service lines as backing up of hot counters

Ability to store all kinds of foods such as rice, stew, barbecue

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