Capacity (Fuel per hour)Machine Weight (kg)Dimensions of length – width – height

Technical Specifications :

  • Full automatic barbecue bar averaging 700 fry per hour
  • Body of stainless steel plate 304 L
  • Contains 0.1 304 steel chains and 0.5 kW single-phase actuator with 220V-
  • Heating system of all stainless steel burners with a width of 40 cm
  • Equipped with heat controller and cooking speed to make the necessary adjustments
  • Use of three layers of thermal insulation to prevent heat emission to the outside environment and fuel consumption
  • Using a special rail in the outlet of the machine to direct the cooked barbecue into the tray
  • Water slide (sliding) inside the system to provide moisture and steam, resulting in relatively soft and water-based relative roasting.
  • Lack of diffusion to the kitchen environment due to the closure of the barbecue cooker and its access through the hood installed on the outlet ventilator device –
  • Equal Viscous Baking due to Operator No Interference

Remove the roast beef from the baking tray to prevent frying.

Advantages :

  • Lack of heat and temperature in the work environment
  • No smoke during cooking
  • Uniform baking
  • No need for a skilled chef

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