Consulting & Design

Proper design and installation of hot and cold food equipment and installations in large service complexes such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, universities, etc. is always a concern for employers and consulting engineers. In some projects, this part of the work is entrusted to the contractor companies producing industrial kitchen equipment. In these circumstances, usually because of some companies’ lack of familiarity with the principles of industrial kitchen design science and their emphasis on using their own production products, the final design will not actually meet the needs of consumers. Padideh West Machine Company With the expertise of industrial kitchen design professionals and fully familiar with the principles of industrial kitchen design according to existing standards, the following services are best offered to our dear customers. puts.

  • Visit the project site and check the strengths and weaknesses of the project
  • Provides layout maps based on CODEX39, HACCP standards
  • Provide installation maps including gas, water and electrical plumbing
  • Supervise the process of construction and reconstruction in accordance with installation plans
  • Flexibility in manufacturing equipment according to customer needs
  • Fully equipped kitchen according to world standards
  • Provide a list of equipment based on catering capacity per meal
  • Preparation of an economic justification for the return on initial capital

Looking for a custom design of your industrial kitchen?

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