Grilled barbecue

Production capacity / hour700
Dimensions of device (height  width  length)35 * 71 * 41
Kw power consumption0.75

Technical Specifications :

  • Cover and hopper of stainless steel plate 304
  • Meat injection from 50 to 220 grams depending on the type of mold
  • Meat storage capacity of about 10 kg
  • Mechanical system to prevent barbecue drying
  • Features two skid detection sensors and Sage automatic return system to enhance safety
  • It has a grill separator system from the mold after injection
  • Has no sound and vibration function

Advantages :

  • Completely hygienic and with no hand interference
  • No need for skilled operator
  • Save time and manpower
  • Available in two table and cabin models

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