Birthday cabinet

    The first modern kitchen cabinets were used in the early twentieth century as single cupboards in the kitchen.

    Elegant but very beautiful wardrobes and more in bright and cheerful colors. Until then, kitchens had no fixed cabinets and no specific place for stoves, refrigerators, and other kitchen utensils, and most kitchen activities (such as cooking, washing dishes, etc.) were on the middle table of the kitchen. It was done.

    It created a spark in the minds of the manufacturers to assemble and fit all the trash in the kitchen by making a cupboard-like appliance and installing it in the kitchen, and to do a different job with it. They had done different things, and that was how the cabinet was born.

    Pictures of the first cabinets:

    Cabinet birth in Iran

    In fact, the exact date and time of the cabinet’s presence in Iranian homes and kitchens cannot be determined, but one thing can be for sure is that the first designs were definitely made by wealthy and wealthy people in the kitchen. Have been used. But after this class, who has produced and produced the cabinet is still unclear and needs more extensive research.

    Prior to present-day cabinets, Iranian homes and kitchens were always equipped with numerous nooks and crannies, one of which was equivalent to the use of modern cabinets, where the dishes were kept.

    Perhaps it was because of the traditional texture and spirit of the cozy Iranian homes that vacancies such as the cabinetry did not feel too much, and people used to come to the kitchen in the same traditional way.

    As for the first cabinets in Iran, one can definitely say that in Iran, unlike Europe and the United States, the original cabinets were not made of wood, but the first Iranian kitchen cabinets were mostly metal .

    Cabinet types:

    The kitchen cabinets are divided into different types according to the materials used and the strength of it:

        • Metal cabinets
        • Full Wooden Cabinet
        • Higgles cabinet
        • MDF cabinet
        • PVC cabinet

    The most practical type of cabinet :

    One of the oldest kitchen cabinets is the metal kitchen cabinet. The cabinets have been very popular in the past decades, but with the advent of MDF cabinets, they have been largely forgotten. Nowadays, new and beautiful designs of metal cabinets have made many people interested in buying and installing them.

    Metal kitchen cabinets are one of the most economical types of cabinets. Buying a metal kitchen cabinet can cover a wide range of kitchen cabinets, and if you have the wood and MDF designs you can use metal as a cabinet interior to reduce costs. Metal cabinets come in many different ways, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, with the right choice of one to own a beautiful kitchen as well as a unique home décor.

    The types of metal cabinets can be divided into three categories according to the materials used for its production:

        • Black metal sheet cabinet (raw steel)
        • · Galvanized metal cabinet
        • Steel metal cabinet

    Steel Metal Cabinet ( Tiyan Gas Steel Product Series )

    Other new examples of metal cabinets are the steel type. Its chic and stylish appearance is very popular with every taste. These types of cabinets have high durability and durability and maintain environmental health. They are also commonly used in large culinary centers such as restaurants and catering. Its benefits include:

    – No need for coloring

    – Has high durability and strength against environmental stresses and chemical agents

    – Resistant to heat and humidity and long lasting

    – Adds to the beauty and charm of kitchens

    Important Tips on Installing and Maintaining Metal Kitchen Cabinets

    Buying and installing metal kitchen cabinets can take a long time to enjoy the many benefits of covering kitchen appliances. Observing the essentials in maintaining a metal kitchen cabinet can increase its durability and service life. The most important things to keep in a metal kitchen cabinet are the following:

    – Do not use dishwashers or rough objects to clean metal cabinets

    – Wipes, soft sponges and soft fabrics are the best way to clean metal cabinet cases.

    – Do not use strong acid or detergent to remove grease stains.

    – Protective paint can increase the durability and efficiency of this cabinet

    – Occasionally use industrial oil to protect the hinges from rusting.



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