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Model Three pelvis Four hips
Length 150180
width 8080
Height 9090
Weight Kg130170

Technical Specifications :

  • With a capacity of 1/1 bin Marie Marie in model 150
  • With a capacity of 4/4 bin Marie Marie in Model 180
  • Using 304 Stainless Steel Sheets for Coatings, Cabinets and Side Plates (1mm Thickness)
  • It has two water heater under the hips with insulation suitable for heating the water in the hips
  • Includes a Level Switch number to turn off the elements to prevent the elements from burning while they remain waterless
  • Equipped with a fully automatic digital thermostat to disconnect the heater power supply
  • – Reinforced procedure to increase strength and prevent vibration and noise
  • – Use two inlet and outlet valves to fill and discharge water into the tub –
  • Equipped with two full steel ball bearing doors in the cabinet below
  • Includes 10mm colored glass rack and stainless steel tube rail from stainless steel tube

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