Barbecue instructions

Instructions for using bar grill:

Before filling in the machine, first fill the device with a drawer in the middle of the drawer.

Turn the main switch on to turn on the temperature and time indicators. Then press the key

The start of the motor starts the chain movement.

Note : You can use the corresponding key to change the direction of the chain movement. To do so, first stop

Make sure the complete chain is there and then change direction.

At this point, open the main valve of the gas and open the valve on the device that is related to the gas of the burners.

Light and light the candles. Then open the side valves to all the burners inside the machine

Turn on.

Note Important A: Never turn on the flames before starting the drive system.

4- After the flames are lit, wait for the machine to operate for 1 to 2 minutes. At this time the indicator on the panel indicates the heat inside the machine. The oven temperature should be between 350 and 450 ° C.

Tip : The flames of the barbecue machine inlet are fully open and the flames of the machine are in the open state.

Keep low (pearl burner). In this case you will have the best baking quality.

5. The panel is equipped with a (Volume) device to control the speed of chain movement. Factors such as kebab type, kebab weight and kebab thickness are involved in the chain movement speed. For example, for a 2-gram kebab to be melted, the marker must be placed on a 1 to 2 scale.

Tip : To cook a variety of barbecues, the oven temperature of the barbecue machine specified in the table is a constant number, and

The degree is centigrade, and depending on the barbecue, the speed of the variable chain will be about 350 to 450 min max.

How Off do Device :

6. After baking, close all the valves of the machine to reduce the oven temperature to less than 5 degrees Celsius. Then turn off the master key switch.

Note IMPORTANT : Never operate the drive system when the temperature is above (above 2 ° C)

Do not turn off.

To rinse the machine after baking, first remove the water drawer and drain. Note

Keep in mind that the machine is designed to keep grease and contaminants from being trapped inside the tray on both sides of the machine.

Note IMPORTANT : From Pouring Water On on Panel And Electromotor Device Separate Come on .

Tip : Wash Out Device With Materials Detergent Appropriate Necessary Is .

Tip : At Circulation Above ۱۰۰۰ Grill , Water Slider Inside Device , should to the the face Alternate And the door During Cooking Replace . to the reason Consensus Fat the door Slider Water Device And Heat Inside Device possibility Fire Susie Existence Has .

Panel Controller Kebab Cook :

to the Purpose Cook Correct Kebab Necessary Is until the far Circulation And Temperature Kebab Cook to the the face idea Al setting Round

How to set up Panel In the state Of Different to the Description under Is :

To bake tomatoes and barbecue, rotation of engine is 200-200.

The rotation of the motor is about 380-400 for baking the barbecue

The rotation of the motor is about 380-400 for baking chicken barbecue.

Note: In all barbecues, the heat of the barbecue machine is constant and the desired number is between 400-400.

Memo : Required to the Mention Is That to the reason Different to be Weight And Thickness Kebab Ha And Materials Primary Item Use the door provide Barbecue , numbers That said to the the face Fixed Don’t Be . suggestion May Be First one Grill to the the face Trial For Accurate estimation Time Cooking the door Device Laid Be And the door Finally the door the face Optimal to be Quality Cooking , work to the the face Continue the series Find out .



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