Roast pot


Model Capacity (liters) Device Weight ) kg) Internal wall diameter (pot span) cm Heat emission system
Summer 1 17022086Cast iron flame and furnace ignition
Tab 3 17022086Thermocouple Linear Burners
Tab 4 17022086Linear Burners

Technical Specifications :

  • Cylindrical with a capacity of 170 liters
  • 2 mm thick stainless steel plate baking chamber.
  • External coating of the machine from stainless steel 304.
  • Heat dissipation system of linear 60cm stainless steel burners (in models of Taban 3 and Taban 4)
  • With thermocouple and thermostatic valve at temperature of 200 ° C for proper frying and more safety (in model Taban 3)
  • Heat emission from cast iron flames and furnace burner in Taban 1
  • Full steel removable press door
  • With drain valve with 2 inch outlet diameter.
  • Compressed stone wool thermal insulation to prevent the body from warming up to 70 mm thick.
  • Licensed by the Ministry of Health
  • Licensed by the Ministry of Industry and Mining

Has Iranian Incentive Standard 17646


  • Reduce fuel consumption by 36%
  • Reduce heat and temperature emissions by 60%
  • Save 50%
  • Fully hygienic and resistant
  • Easy and easy washing




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