Desert kitchen



Technical Specifications :

  • Equipped with Dodig Chloe stainless steel 304 with fiberglass heat insulation to prevent heat loss and body heat
  • Equipped with a two-way oven system to serve fried varieties such as Coco, Cutlet and …-
  • Equipped with boiling water generating system for hot water supply and stainless steel 304
  • Ability to cook burnt gas, oil –
  • Gasazilis can use a burner to heat boilers, boilers and boilers
  • Equipped with power generator for lighting
  • Quadruple-quick-release capability
  • Equipped with two self-propelled jacks to accelerate action
  • Venice Fifth Growth Balance for Deployment on Uneven Levels
  • Smoke reduction due to full fuel in the combustion chamber


  • Portable and deployable anywhere
  • Ability to cook with four types of fuels without smoke production
  • Cook rice without making the bottom of the pot and consuming the oil

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