ModelCapacity (liters)Machine Weight (kg)Internal wall diameter (pot span) cmBaking capacity (person)
Taban 220024086500
Taban 3250-300330-35092-102600-750
Taban 4250-300330-35092-102600-750

Technical Specifications :

  • Cylindrical with capacities of 200-250 and 300 liters
  • The main body of the boiler is made of stainless steel plate 304 2 mm thick
  • § Part of floor of pot made of 2.54 mm thick stainless steel sheet
  • Integrated pleated wall of 2mm thick stainless steel sheet 304 in Taban 2 and Kimia model
  • Contains a hot oil system including an intermediate wall with thermal industrial oil for uniform heat distribution
  • § With stainless steel 304 double press door
  • Application of 90 mm thick rock wool insulation
  • Use fully hygienic silicone rubber sealing around the door
  • With thermocouple system to enhance device safety (in Taban 3 model)
  • Ignition system for ease of turning on the device (Taban 3 model)
  • It has heat dissipation system of linear steel burners to increase the efficiency of the machine
  • All-steel valve for drainage and easy washing of the pot with a diameter of 2.5 inches
  • With water inlet valve for spraying and washing machine
  • Licensed by Ministry of Health
  • Has a patent certificate
  • Licensed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade

Has Iranian Incentive Standard 17646

Advantages :

  • Prevention of scrapes and sores (refractory and non-stick)
  • Reduce fuel consumption by 36%
  • 60% reduction in heat and temperature emissions in the workplace
  • The ability to cook a variety of stews and even delicate foods such as holm and yellows
  • 50% savings in manpower
  • Fully hygienic and resistant
  • Easy and easy washing


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